Romans 12

Every morning I do my devotion and read a couple of chapters of the bible. Right now, I’m exploring in the New Testament. Today I read Romans 12 and I could just feel God talking to me about my life. “Do I die to myself everyday? Can strangers tell that I am a child of God? Your books, church attendance, bible studies although they mean well. Are you truly living for me day to day?”.

You shouldn’t have to say that you are a Christian in order for people to believe. You should be living like it. Our everyday life is a witness to unbelievers.  I start to think about when I was in the world and believers would be doing the same thing as me (smoking weed, partying & drinking heavily). As a sinner, when they did try to talk to me about God I wouldn’t listen. It could be them giving me inspiration and encouragement in the Word. It just wouldn’t click, but when God shows you a true Christian… wow! You are amazed and you can feel his presence all over them. You start to want to know about the God they always talk about.

WHY it is important for us to live for Christ?

It’s important because it gives unbelievers hope in a God that they may not know. It shows people that living for Christ isn’t boring. Some people think that people who live for Christ life is basically over. They can wait until they are older, married with kids to find it importance to live for Christ. I testify that I really start living when I start living for Christ.  When you allow God to direct your paths and order your steps you will start being blessed just by his relationship. When you lose things/people, it’s not really a lost because you have God and you know his will and way is perfect. So whatever happens your hope and peace cannot be taken away because it’s in God.




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