In The Valley, In the Wilderness…

It’s so easy to talk about the grace, love and the mercy God shows us when everything is going to good. In the valley is when our faith is truly being tested. It’s time to put all those things God said and believe. Lately, it’s been a struggle for me. It’s like I have an open wound on the battlefield and it’s taken everything in me to crawl to receive help. The easy part would be to close my eyes and let death consume me.But this hope, my God. When I pray, open my bible and worship God my strength is renewed. I always post when things are going amazing, it’s like everything just flows. But lately things have been hard and God has been revealing to me that I’m not perfect. And it’s okay to let your imperfections show because you serve a perfect God.

The bad part about the valley is that it’s hard, dark and a cold place. But the wonderful thing about the valley is that God will bring you through it. Right now, in my own situation it seems impossible, I have no idea how everything is going to turn out. But God does and that’s when you feed yourself the scriptures and get into the Word because that is your strength is keep moving forward. That’s where your hope lays. Everything could be going to hell but God is still going to be there for you. He is still ordering your steps and he still made a perfect plan for you according to his will. In the valley, is where my faith grows and my relationship with God grows. In the valley, is when my hope shines like a star, my love for God increases. In the valley is when my trust in God is truly put to test, but that’s all I have is to trust in the Lord. In my own strength nothing can truly happen, but in God’s strength everything can. God is the creator of the earth and everything in it. He is the creator of the heavens and everything in it. So you of little faith? Don’t believe that God can truly deliver you out of your valley like he did the Israelite’s SO many times. He loved them so much that he saved them so many times, even when they got themselves in trouble. God sees you in the wilderness and he is going to bring you out. God controls everything in this world, he is controlling your situation. Anything is possible with God. So include him in all your problems, nothing is too small for God.


In the valley,  in the wilderness.



  1. Shereen

    One thing that has been really helping in this really bitter season, is that, I belong to God. He says “you’re mine” that literally makes us untouchable. We may feel the pain. But it will not destroy us.

    I’m praying for you, sis

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  2. Amber

    Thank you so much! I need prayers, I’ve been going through 😩😭 BUT you are so right we are Gods children, we are untouchable because our hope is in God and he always fulfills his promises ❤️


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